The main ingredients of chewing gum have changed in recent years. The trend is moving away from chewing bases of petrochemical origin toward natural ones.
Sugar has also all but disappeared from most recipes. Sugar substitutes are used for this purpose. These examples illustrate long-term developments: chewing gum is being produced in a more sustainable, tooth-friendly and environmentally friendly way.

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Typical issues in the development and production of chewing gums revolve around flavor release (long-lasting effect), the right type of filling, or even the coating. In our technical center, we develop chewing gums for different applications: Bubble gums, stick gums or even tooth-care chewing gums. We are happy to pass on our knowledge of this to you in our seminars, training courses and workshops.


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From high-performance kneaders to ball unwinders to embossing and cutting equipment, our confectionery specialists are not only masters of the technology behind the chewing pleasure – they are also masters at conveying insights, experience and their passion for chewing gum.
This, of course, includes all the facts and possibilities surrounding the design, flavor and ingredients that chewing gum manufacturers use to make their products unique and distinctive.

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Let us advise you if you are looking for new ideas for a recipe or would like to improve or change an existing one. We will also be happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding the acquisition of new machines or if you require analyses as well as industry-related small batches for specific products.
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