Cocoa is the most important raw material for chocolate. It is further processed into cocoa liquor, cocoa butter or even cocoa powder. The future quality is already decided during harvesting and further processing. Many steps are necessary to turn a simple cocoa bean into an exquisite chocolate specialty. The result is delicious chocolates, pralines and everything that can be covered with chocolate. Our technicians know all the steps of chocolate production and provide knowledge and expertise.

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Typical challenges in the production of chocolate and chocolate products are gloss, fat migration, viscosity, shelf life and, of course, the right taste. Whether in do-it-yourself seminar courses, in online seminars with – prepared for you – video content: We show you how it’s done. You would like to purchase a new machine or further develop an existing recipe? We will be happy to assist you, also when it comes to the development of new products or small series for trade fairs, presentations or product launches according to your ideas.


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Our confectionery technicians know all the steps of chocolate making and are experienced in imparting knowledge. Rolling, conching, tempering, casting and cooling – we explain every step in detail. Highly specialized equipment is available in our laboratory: for cocoa bean processing and roasting to further processing of cocoa ingredients.

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D&F Sweets offers training courses, seminars and workshops in theory and practice, where you can experience the practical production of various types of chocolate and chocolate products in small groups. You will gain valuable insights into the most important techniques and benefit from in-depth user knowledge. Create with us your own product such as chocolates or chocolate bars (with and without filling), truffles or marzipan. We would be pleased to help you or to welcome you in one of our training courses.